Tool kit for my BOV, ( bug out vehicle ) or trip vehicle.

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Trevor Dalley

With vacation trips coming soon, you never can know when a vehicle will break down, its a good idea to have some basic tools on board for those unforeseen emergencies. I’ve had this video prepped for a while, and lately been tied up with a home repair project so I thought this video was a good addition to my channel.


Kaan Bozkurt says:

With those tools you cant even replace a bulb on german vehicle. Good luck when the Nazis invade your country

Road Runner says:

Nice bit of kit, I'm planning on a toolkit myself, although I'm going to use the "Gator Grip" style sockets rather than an assortment of sockets. In terms of roadside repairs I don't plan on repairing a lot, so a simple socket which can do the job suffices

AdrianM says:

Hack saw blade, some spare shrader valves and valve stem removal tool, and a stanley knife, handy for hoses and stuff. handful of hose clamps and a bit of hose or duct tape and that kit is all good !

Nick V says:

Nice kit.  One key missing item is some mechanics wire. Useful for tying up a fallen muffler.  Your kit could also use a roll of rescue tape for radiator hoses.

Jon with no h says:

I will give it a try, Thanks.

Jon with no h says:

I have been a mechanic for 30+ years, and drive older vehicles. Partly because I'm cheap, and also I can keep them on the road longer, than if I had to pay someone to repair my cars. I believe that if SHTF happens, I'm in a pretty good spot regarding transportation. Thanks for watching RPM…

Jon with no h says:

I drive older cars, so I feel a need for more, than less tools. Thanks for watching Trees…

Jon with no h says:

Thankfully have not needed a lot of these tools on a trip yet. Thanks for watching Bill.

Jon with no h says:

Thanks SupaFly…

Jon with no h says:

I have had a need for a few of these tools on trips, nothing major yet. Thanks for watching FC45LC.

FortuneCookie45LC says:

Jon – This tool box of yours will be an essential if the balloon ever goes up…

BillGoudy says:

Outstanding video! I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it!! 😉


good advice i grew up with a mechanic (my dad) and now i am always prepared he taught me allot and when i get stranded i can usually fix it or at least get my car/truck to the shop it also saves a ton of money if you can do some work yourself ie oil change breaks and tune ups thanks for the vid take care

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