How to Remove Dents from a Car Without Damaging the Paint – Paintless Dent Repair – Eastwood

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Trevor Dalley

Randy explains how to use the paintless dent removal tool which is great for removing dents from vehicles without harming the paint.

More info:

The Eastwood Paintless Dent Removal Kit includes all professional-use components which allows shallow dents and dings to be removed quickly and easily without expensive paintwork. Perfect for pulling hail damage and most common parking lot and shopping cart mishaps.


Select the Plastic Pull Button that best matches the size and shape of the dent to be pulled. Generally, the very center of a dent is the best placement however larger dents may benefit from multiple pulls from different locations.

Using a non-permanent type marker or masking tape, trace a circle around the outside of the planned location of the Pull Button
Immediately apply the face of the Pull Button to the previously outlined area and hold firmly in place for 10 to 15 seconds.

Wait several minutes for the heated glue to solidify then hook the slotted feature of either the Levered Puller or Slide Hammer shaft over the β€œT” feature of the Pull Button. Operate the chosen pulling device to remove damage.

Fill the Aluminum Spray Bottle 3/4 full of denatured alcohol (not included).

Apply the denatured alcohol liberally to the glue area while using the Nylon Scraper to gently wedge between the Pull Button and paint surface.

Carefully remove glue with provided nylon scraper. Note: Be careful if using on a vehicle that has been resprayed. The paint is not bonded as well as a factory finish and may lift.

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Ron Wilson says:

Leave the hammer in your tool box and no dent removal becomes necessary.

Geo1Kenobi 66 says:

Will this work with custom paintjob?

markan says:

I bought one had a scrach across the door panel must of splayed pressure as was like a little dich tryed no way will it pop I missing something?I sanded it then sprayed but didn't put clear coat yet as I want to pull or will filler stay in place?not that deep?was going to sand it back atleast got the scratch out,then was going to bog it up and finish it off

Aaron DiCalogero says:

Where is the line board for reference what if you pull it too high and need to tap it out. I do this for a living the kit your selling the way you guys talk about how easy it is a misrepresentation of PDR work. If you don’t know what your doing with that kit you will cause worse damage than the dent. SMH

Don Wiseman says:

Please add a video showing removal of a dent on a crease in the panel, like the crease above the area in the video

Jim Masone says:

Thank you for all the great videos.

Ozzstar says:

Looks like great results!

Eastwood Company says:

Link to BUY is in the Description! Make sure to SUBSCRIBE for more videos!

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