VLOGMAS Day 14! | Meet my Mom!, Car Shopping, and Christmas Decor!

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Trevor Dalley

We made it! We are back home in Fayetteville to visit Justin’s family. As you all know, we have been looking for cars and we found one in a town close by. Also, saw some crazy stuff on the way home and meet my crazy mother and sister as well!

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Chris McG says:

l Love you guys wear your seat belts! The lady stop so she can give the child knockz. The tour of the house amazing very nice.

mzslyons says:

lmao yall had me laughing about that bmw..Now they wrong for that!!! Then the people behind yall wonna fight😂😂😂😂

slay4range says:

Lol, jada always acts crazy. Ashley and I really enjoyed this .

camman123427 says:

Justin Your Mom Is So Pretty 😩😩

camman123427 says:

Yasssss Tee !! Thats My Favorite Song On The Radio ! 😹😹 I Was Dancing Wit You 😹😹

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