How to Spray Paint a Car Properly – Part 2 | Ep.14

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Trevor Dalley

In this episode of Dirtcheapdaily, I finish the design and paintwork on the driver’s side of the GT and show you a pretty unique way to paint your roof!

I’ve spray painted a few cars with great success. Obviously they weren’t show cars, but they did look really good! I’ve been looking forward to painting the GT for a few months now and it finally happened!

This takes a ton of work, but its so worth it!

Stay tuned for the finished look at the end of the week!

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Dalton Brooks says:

sorry to keep commenting but ive wanted to try the lace thing for the longest time this is so tight that you did it. ive planned before to do something similar with a legacy sedan (battle drift car) literally like the same thing you are doing. this is awesome

ruffus4924 says:

Is that safety blue ?

Matt Pyke says:

I love it it looks so good!!!!

Spencer Tate says:

This is gonna be awesome.

Jansen Slowbaru says:

Can't wait to see the whole car done

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