Mercedes Benz C200 Spray Painting

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Trevor Dalley

In this video I will take you through the steps of Spray Painting this C200 Mercedes Benz Painted in Obsidian Schwarz or Obsidian Black Metallic, Paint Code : C 197 using Standox Solvent Basecoat and Crystal Clear Pro HS, using a DeVilbiss GTI Pro with a HVLP Air Cap.
Learn how to Spray Paint like a Pro by following this step by step guide to Spray Painting.
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Ghazi غازي says:

Nice job 👍👍👍

doatsdude says:

Another killer job bloke, do you put the little gun filters in your gun? And do you often take your paint and clear in the booth for bigger jobs? I'm just curious due to amount of dust I get in some jobs.

Rishi Kishundial says:

great stuff

Кирилл Застенский says:

why not use paint stain?

dongil123 says:

A painter once told me that when you stop getting runs you have stopped trying Which I think is very true lol. Another nice vid gunman.

SwPiotrek says:

Great video.

Mike Mckay says:

Nice. I ha e trouble matching blacks here to.

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