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Trevor Dalley

अब नही होगा टायर पंचर | Make a Puncture Proof Tyres – Air fix Tyre Puncture Sealant


Airfix Tyre Sealant is a Unique Gel Technology That Converts a Normal Tyre to a Puncture-Proof Tyre.

Airfix Tyre Sealant is (Polymer Based Gel) That is Injected Into Pneumatic Tyres Offering a Permanent Guaranteed Puncture Protection.

Airfix Tyre Sealant Gel
Which Automatically Seals the Punctures Caused by Nails, Thorns etc. Instantly and Does Not Allows the Air to Escape Preventing the Tyre to Go Flat.

Airfix Tyre Sealant This Gel Based Product is Tested by Quality Lab.

This Gel Prevent Tyre From Puncture, Also Protect Tyre From Burst Due to Over Heating.

Airfix Tyre Sealant Repairs Puncture Itself & Aslo Work as Cooling Agent for Tyres.

Airfix Tyre Sealant Specially Made Tubeless Tyres.

Airfix Tyre Sealant Repairs 0.5 mm to 6 mm Nails Size Puncture in Just 0.25 Seconds.

Airfix Tyre Sealant Has Property Cooling Agent, so Keep Tyre Cool & Reduces the Chances of Tyre Burst Due to High Temperature.

Airfix Tyre Sealant Speed, Milage, Suspension,Gear & Engine Work Properly Due to Right Air Pressure Mention by Gel in Tyre.

Airfix Tyre Sealant Improves the Life of a Tyre by 25%.

Airfix Tyre Sealant Not Only Save Money by Auto Puncture Feature But Also Reduces Mental & Physical Tension Due to Puncture. Reduces Chances of Accident by 35%.

Airfix Tyre Sealant Can be Used With Normal, Nitrogen And all Other Air in the Tyre.

Airfix Tyre Sealant Gel is a Non Toxic, Non Corrosive, Non Harmful & Safe Gel Based Product.

Airfix Tyre Sealant Products Are Environmentally Friendly and the Product Can be Removed From the Tyre With Just Water.


Airfix Tyre Sealant is Inserted Via the Tyre Valve System in a Measured Dosage Based on Your Tyre Size.

As the Tyre Rotates, Airfix Tyre Sealant Gel is Spread Evenly and Sticks to the Wall of The Tyre Forming a Protective Layer.

When a Puncturing Object Enters the Tyre, Airfix Tyre Sealant Gel Seals Around it Preventing Any Air Loss.

When Nails Removed, Airfix Tyre Sealant Fills the Puncture Sealing it Immediately And Permanently.

The Tyre is Sealed Instantly Without Any Air Loss and the Puncture Repair by Airfix Tyre Sealant is Permanent.


Seals Punctures Immediately

Provides Permanent Protection

Reduce Tyre Burst

Extends Vehicle Tyre Life

Saves Money by Increasing Fuel Efficiency

Lasts Till the Life of the Tyre

Helps You Drive Safely

Best Suited For Bike, Scooter & Cars.

Made From Indian Raw Materials




Does Not Affect Warranties & Balancing on Tyres.

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