$13,119.00 In Estimated Car Repairs!

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Trevor Dalley

Warning: This is a long video with strong language.
Hello Everyone! In this video I talk about the ridiculous quote I got for repairs on my car and go into detail on the ones I know for sure are pointless. Let me know what the worst quote you ever got was! Thanks for watching!
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Geoff Dearth says:

Just wondering: Why are you driving a Mercedes anyway? Because they are well known for needing expensive repairs.

Zhang Guo says:

For 13K, I would just get a reliable used Toyota lol

Beth Miller says:

It would be really nice if they gave you a breakdown of "Here's what you NEED to do" and "Here's what we recommend you do".  Because, like you said, some of it you probably need, but some of it, you can live with.  For example, "Hey, we recommend your car's steering column gets replaced because of your sticking blinker, but you don't need to".

My dad (usually with me hanging around) has done most of the repairs on my cars.  The only major thing had the dealer do was replace the head gasket.  He had me call to get a quote, and we both decided paying that price was worthwhile as compared to being outside in January in Minnesota doing it ourselves…  I really do need to learn more myself, though!  Iv'e helped replace the breaks on a couple of my cars, but if I had to do it myself, I'd be lost!

Andy CFR says:

OMG girl you are so mad 😠
I’ve got to say it is a little funny, especially the swearing 😂
I don’t blame you though, those dealerships are crazy af

Veronica Preciado says:

Your car insurance covers the windshield chip for free! I've had it done three times.

mandyonabudget says:

High end cars are expensive for repairs etc. as we know but it's even worse at dealerships. And they are really bad with women. They think that we are stupid or something.

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