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Trevor Dalley

If you are old enough to rent a car, you really ought to take a moment to fully understand the way rental car insurance works. It’s actually pretty simple but these six facts are too often overlooked by many and knowing the basics can save you a lot of money!

1 Credit Card Car Insurance Isn’t Good Enough
Yes, some credit cards do offer watered-down insurance plans but when you actually need coverage, most fail to provide enough. What’s the point of having insurance of it doesn’t cover all of the possible problems you face for the entire amount in question? Get real Non-Owner Car Insurance instead!

2 Rental Car Insurance Is Affordable
The price of real rental car insurance from AmericanInsurance is very affordable. It costs much less than it costs to rent a car, and can save you thousands of dollars for each dollar you use to protect yourself today.

3 Why Wait To Get The Right Coverage?
Plan your vacations wisely and book your rental automobile insurance plan at the same time you get your airplane tickets, hotels and other accommodations in order.

4 Easy Deep Discounts Are Available When You Shop Around provides free rental car insurance quotes and works with all the top carriers in your travel destination location. One stop shopping via many insurance networks always gets you the best-discounted rate!

5 Save $1000s in Potential Losses
An accident in a rental car can make you liable for hundreds, twenty thousand, or even more dollars. Only quality non-owner car insurance in advance can protect you from major expenses when you need it.

6 You Can Be Liable Even If The Accident Isn’t Your Fault
You are a great driver, but sadly other people don’t drive nearly as well, and even if the accident isn’t your fault you can still be liable for major expenses including legal fees, medical fees and other amounts. Make sure you have the insurance you need in advance. Can anyone really afford not to get rental insurance? The answer is easy with


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