Smart as Paint.How to prepare a scratched car panel Pt 1

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Trevor Dalley

Hi, This two part video will demonstrate that car bodywork repairs can be carried out in the open air to a good standard using basic body shop equipment. It is difficult to show every part of the process (especially with my limited cinematic skills!) but I hope this helps to give you a little confidence if you are about to attempt a repair without a workshop. I did not mention in the video that this was a plastic wheel arch, but the process for steel would be the same though a clear adhesion promoting primer was used on this one.Good luck! Or if you live in South East England, we may be able to do the job for you at a very reasonable rate from our mobile workshop. Please see my other videos..



Dan Frederiksen says:

Good video, something you would otherwise hesitate to do, sand a car down : )
Is a spot repair impossible to make look good?

peter wilkins says:

@jonnyfowder Hi,Thanks for the post. I have no problems with the heat lamp. It is just a cheap alternative to the bodyshop gear, so I can use three units in different locations for the price of one 'good' one. On the clear issue. I think we are only trying to soften the edge of the repair and 90/10 can just end up with a higher percentage of thinners evaporating off into the atmosphere. I guess it shows how flexible modern materials are.

peter wilkins says:

Hi, I started reading all the magazines on car bodywork repairs when I was still at school, and was lucky enough to be given a job in a main dealer bodyshop after showing the boss a mini I had just sprayed with an electric gun.Smart repair is really just returning to my roots, spraying in often less than perfect conditions, but with care. All the information is available from manufacturers and YouTube is an absolutely brilliant aid! Just practice and learn on the job. good luck!

chris johnson says:

Hi Pete just a couple of questions !! Ive been a body repairer /Refinisher for 30+ years and was wondering do you have any problems using that Infrared Heat Lamp ? looks like the patio heater type ie medium wave and not short wave !!
And also your clear blend of a 50/50 reduction do you not find it leaves a hard edge ? i was always taught a 90/10 and never a problem

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