The 1907 Everybody’s car, wood wheel repairs.

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Trevor Dalley

This 1907 Everybody’s car needs 2 new wood wheels. They have clinch rims for pneumatic tires. These cars were only built from 1907 to 1909 in St Louis , ILL. This is belielved to be the only one remaining and is at the WAAAM museum in Hood River, OR.



Paul Erickson says:

Who would know that there is so much specialized work into making a seemingly simple wheel? A very complex piece of engineering for sure.

Pewtermug77 says:

Truly amazing. What craftsmanship. Will anyone know how to do this when you have long since given up this skill and put your feet up? I hope so. Skills like these need to be preserved, as much as the work that you do. Robert.

Darren Maunders says:

So many years of experience in one 22 minute video. An absolute joy to watch

Erik Lewis says:

As always, I love your videos. I know you can't transfer all the knowledge you've gained over years of doing this, but can you share some of the things that you see that direct your actions? For example, how hot (what were you looking for) did you gat the clinch ring before you fit the felloes? What do you look for in the fit of the spokes to a hub? Etc etc. thanks again, for taking the time to document what you do. I enjoy it very much.

Richard Spees says:

I was raised in Wyoming, and on our ranch, we had wagons and buggies and sheep wagons, and this all brings back memories. You are indeed a master craftsman and it is such a pleasure watching you create, rebuild and recreate all of these wonderful things. I remember when they put truck wheels and tires on our sheep wagons. I was so disappointed. They just looked odd and so out of place. Again, thanks for all of your videos and for sharing.

Robert Weiland says:

It's always a pleasure watching a master craftsman. Thanks for posting!

zorroon milkavitch says:

I wonder how many generations and prototypes it took in order to progress the wheel to this phase

victor.Leslie August Pikington August pilkington says:

From the other side of the pond I admire not only your skills but also your sometimes down to earth solutions to a problem you don't try to baffle us with complicated solutions to a simple problem long may you continue to do so my sincere respect to you sir

GeneSun says:

Beautiful work as always.
At 400.00 for the entire automobile in 1907 these must have been quite labor intensive to build.
I can't imagine the actual cost of making this wheel from scratch at anything less than 1000.00 dollars.
But it did come with 10 horsepower and automatic climate control. Whatever the temperature was outside was automatically the same inside.

David Blalock - Livin' Life says:

W.A.A.A.M. The Western Antique Automobile and Aircraft Museum. I love that place.

Dana Nelson says:

Not that I know how the wheel should be made, the rubber gave me a what the hell were they thinking moment. Having worked on cars and forklifts if one wheel goes the other's not far behind. Thanks for sharing Dave. You've got snow and we have rain. Los Angeles is a desert, without imported water and rain to fill the aquifer we're cooked.

dutchman56t says:

That is sooo cool! You sir, are an artist!!

Capt Charles Cross says:

This brings back so many memories. My father was a master wheel wright in Oklahoma. I remember back in the 50's as a child, watching him build and band buggy wheels. Wish he had lived long enough to teach me the skill.

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