Choosing a car repair shop: ask questions

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Trevor Dalley

Many of us feel vulnerable bringing our cars to mechanics because we don’t know technical terms, or are afraid of being taken advantage of. So how do you find a good shop? Check out these videos and see what Bogi recommends when looking for a new auto mechanic.

Choosing an auto repair shop:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:

Bogi is a master mechanic, auto repair shop owner, host of the TV show All Girls Garage, and a shop management trainer and coach for other auto repair shops around the country.

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We have a great DVI system AND technet Virtual Vehicle to help visually explain vehicle systems and component operation ! 💙

Ryan Mackey says:

I used to love it when people asked questions and was more than happy to tell or show them what was wrong with their car, and the plan to fix it. (I don’t work as a mechanic anymore) Don’t be afraid to ask questions, good mechanics are proud of their work and appreciate an open dialogue.

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