Car Repair Guide: Lesson How to properly jump start a car

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Trevor Dalley This lesson will teach u to safely jump start your car and fix a dead battery when you are on a trip. Learn what u can do by yourself



You never hook up the Negative/Black Cable to the Dead Battery, it is for safety reasons, because it can create a Spark and dead batteries create gasses that can ignite. So always connect the Negative/Black wire to the Chassis or bare metal part of the car when it comes to the dead battery, Never directly onto the Negative/Black Cable of the dead battery.Also make sure when grounding you don't ground to any part of the car that has anything electrical or gas or flammable liquid of any kind, Directly onto a bare metal "Not Painted Surface" of the car…  Those gases that batteries create can cause the battery to blow up in your face and disfiguring you for life. Yes it has happened.

backcheck31 says:

You remind me of my friend Vadim (he's Russian though) and he's also extremely mechanically inclined too.  Anyway, thank you!!!

Ryan Carlow says:

Apparently its better to NOT connect the pos and neg to the dead car, just the pos.

Ramji Srinivasan says:

What the heck.. Why was the negative side not grounded on the negative car!?!?

hiub713 says:

Dont you have to ground the negative side of the dead car??

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