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Trevor Dalley

Simple Tips To Help Your A/C Last Longer Than Your Neighbor’s.

Servicing your a/c every preseason is an important step to helping your air conditioning system last as long as possible. Servicing regularly, will almost certainly help head off problems before they become bigger troubles.

Simple things such as rinsing out the outdoor units cooling coil and testing the refrigerant level are part of our normal service check-up.

In addition, our service checklist for League City residents includes 10 other points of service that are important to your systems performance and life.

Our current 12 point service checkup is only $59 for the each 1st unit and $30 for each additional unit at the same property. The investment made in checkups are often more than made up for by the benefits of peace of mind and improved energy efficiency

Call AirVantage before you need us to avoid a potentially costly major failure and please be sure to mention HVAC when you contact us for your introductory $10 discount.

See more tips to help your A/C system live longer and help lower your utilities at or call 409-925-6171.

You can count on prompt professional service in the following communities: League City, Friendswood, Webster, South Shore, and Texas City.

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Call 409-925-6171 Now! AirVanatge Co air conditioning repair services has been providing quick and professional service to League City, TX for over 5 years. We’re family owned, and will not try to sell you anything you don’t need. AirVantageCo air conditioning techs are friendly (not pushy!), respectful, and knowledgeable and operate with fully stocked trucks to keep from coming back. They will quickly provide repair or service at a low cost to you. Call them today! 409-925-6171

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