Tech Tip Tuesday : Spray Painting ( Learn from my MISTAKES)

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Trevor Dalley

In this video, I share my tragic spray painting woes, and try to guide you to the path of least resistance. Check out the video to find out my tips so your next spray painting project and go flawlessly.

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Walker Plaza says:

Lots of folks are selling Tshirts on YouTube, but that one you've got is the absolute coolest Tee I have seen! Have you considered selling them?

Scott Lundy says:

Did you also now you can rotate those square tips to make it spray horizontal or vertical

Scott Lundy says:

Well said I agree 100%

Tool In Hand says:

I agree on the tips feeling right. Just ask any woman.

William Pierson says:

Find a local guy and get your valve cover powder coated. That’s what I did with my dsm and it came out perfect. Guy had the business in is backyard so it was super cheap. It’s totally worth it. Powder coat it and be done with it

Mr. Kroogur says:

Yeah fan tips are the way to go. When I got my veedub the previous owners had painted some hideous mural all the way around, if it at least looked good i would have left it but it was some kindergarten looking mess so i went to kmart and got some rattle cans of blue and white with the old cone tips and i ended up with a drippy mess but at least the mural was gone.

Felix F says:

Nice T-shirt!

Wrenchtrench Garage says:

U-POL is the best spray can paint I've ever used. Good tips tho, thanks.

Jerry Jordan says:

Rom wasn't built in a day time is money repetitive time doing the same job over isn't cost effective. Lol great video but I guilty painted numerous car only to work harder.

OscarWhiskeyFoxtrot says:

Nice tip, but if I even touch a spray can it would be a parole violation. 😉 If that valve cover is aluminum you might be dealing with a "clear" anodize which actually comes out gray. Best way I know of to remove anodizing is Easy Off Oven cleaner. 😉

Rick Williams Jr. says:

painting demo?

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