How to Repair A Broken Floor Jack That Won't Lift

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Trevor Dalley

How to Fix a broken jack that won’t lift under load or leaks! In this video I will be showing you the universal fix for a broken floor jack that won’t lift my car anymore. I will show you how to bleed your jack as well as stop the jack from leaking and refill the hydraulic oil.
Don’t throw away your out of warranty floor Jack I will be working on a Pittsburgh 1.5 ton floor jack but this will work on any floor jack to my knowledge including 2 ton and 3 ton jacks.
My jack would only lift a few inches before I fixed it and now it will lift my car again.
I also show you how to fix leaky jacks as well! with either Stop Leak or a new O-ring. This will work with Sears, Craftsman, Walker, Lincoln, Hein Werner, Matco, Snap-on, and any other hydraulic Jack

SKU List: 2015, 2150, 328.12000, 328.12001, 328.12002, 328.12020, 328.12040, 328.12041, 328.12160, 328.12170, 71200, AM0226F, AM200F, AM200MF, TM200F, TM200MF, YM150M 64545, 64552, 64832

The tools I used in the video are easy to find but you can check out my links below if you need anything.
Phillips Head Screwdriver:
Flat Head Screwdriver:
Hydraulic Jack Oil:
Jack In The Video:

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