Collision Glue Pull Auto Body Repair Kit – Product Review – Jack Thornton

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Trevor Dalley

Jack Thornton (@custom_cars_and_collision) takes us through his review of the K-Bar Collision Kit #1 in this video.

Add Glue Pull Repair To Your Toolbox Today

From Jack:
1. Quality of the tools – durable tabs, nice anodized looking finish and it lightweight aluminum K-Bar and has the option for accessories to be added

2. Uses for the tool -it’s great for sheet metal pulls on rocker panels, quarter panels, b-pillar door jambs, doors and whatever you can find it useful for! There’s no wrong way to think outside of the box if it works and is a safe repair.

3. Pros and cons, Pros – prevents corrosion to the backside of the panel like from weld on pulling tools! You can achieve paintless dent repair with practice. Let’s talk about the cons, there is a learning curve with the glue and trying to figure out how it responds to your climate and weather conditions and… that’s it guys this kit is a great addition to anyone’s tool investment

4. And that brings me to my fourth point, Why I bought this tool – things are changing and this industry is getting different every day, all of you know that! we all know that we want to put the safest and best repairs out on the road because it could be your family or friends that get behind the wheel of that car. I think that glue pulling is a great step in the right direction in preventing corrosion issues on vehicles especially because of the way they react in an accident relies on every piece of that vehicle doing what it was made to do in an accident. milliseconds can mean everything when airbags don’t inflate right because the space sensors in the doors have less space because of the previous repair. All this being said guys remember it’s what the OEM says can be repaired and what should be replaced and that’s why we repair the vehicle the way OEM want us to so that lives will be saved. remember you guys are actually in the business of saving lives and preventing death when possible. Thanks for watching give me a like on this video and follow me for more collision related content as well as custom projects

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Justin Shields says:

Very through explanation on why this industry is so important! Great understanding on why a repair should be done this easy if possible simply more for than just cosmetic reasons alone!

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