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Trevor Dalley

Avoid these mistakes when spraying primer on a car. In this video we are spraying epoxy primer and spraying 2K primer surfacer. #epoxyprimer #2Kprimer Learn some mistakes to avoid as DIY Auto Body and Paint demonstrates spraying primer in this video.

Below is the information about the 3M primer gun that I mentioned.

To learn more about the technical data sheet for these primers visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0KNB1Ar44E&list=PLOmXEqUJYh4l9qd2Vcds4aaiCfBbGMgxj

Information About Mixing Lids and Cups

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Car Addict Garage says:

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Steve Johnson says:

Thanks for the tips El Chapo!

marlon rosa says:

Hi . Im going to paint a tailgate and I have some bare metal spots but no dents or scratches. Can I just apply the base coat on top of the epoxy primer? Or I need another primer on top before the base coat?

Joe Average says:

Ok. Im restoring my frame. I'm sandblasting it. Now, that same day I want to paint it. So tell me exactly how to do it. I'm thinking of going epoxy primer and then industrial acrylic enamel both 2k with hardener. Do I pressure wash the frame or just air clean. Do I apply one nice wet coat of epoxy and the let it dry but not all they way just tacky and then spray my top coat. Also if I pressure wash it and there is flash rust, can I apply the epoxy over flash rust. How many coats of primer and Can I just put one nice one or what. I don't want to mess this up I want to do it right. I'm gonna be spraying at around 65 to 70 Fahrenheit temp, outside. PLEASE TELL ME EXACTLY WHAT AND HOW AND WHEN TO DO IT. Also is urethane primer better than epoxy for this job. Thanks

henmich says:

Don't spray too heavy of a coat, let it cure "flash" between coats, proper temp in the room, don't let the paint sit too long between coats, remove all wax and grease from surface, keep gun clean, don't leave the paint or curing agent open, careful you get a good seal on the spray gun, so it doesn't drip, 1.6 to 1.8 size gun if you are spraying primer.. there.. I saved you fifteen minutes.

troy yamaguchi says:


elcheapouno says:

I see that you're putting epoxy primer over the bare metal and the filler, but why across the rest of the print painted surface and not just your work area? I thought epoxy primer only needed to be for the spots that needed to be sealed. Thanks for the great videos

M Posey says:

Hey I bought two different sandable primer grey colors and was wondering what do I do to even the colors out or does it matter?

Moses Neri says:

Can you apply primer on non gloss paint? I apply primer let it dry than apply the paint but I notice scratch marks. I was wondering if I can re apply primer to cover scratchers or would have to sand and prime again?

Michael Overs says:

It's a expensive setup just to shoot primer

Michael Overs says:

I like the accu spray gun the only thing I don't like about it I was clearing a town car when the gun was 3/4 s of the way through it started starving for material

anonymous user says:

How do I fix the primer dry mud cracking issue? Thanks

Edward T says:

This guy loves saying technical data sheet

Ken Switzer says:

Good tips Donnie.

The fire beast Is no.1 at fortnite says:

Very informative.
Very interesting.
Well done.

Andrew Hudson says:

great video

Norbert NN says:

Hi Donnie, can you use a hair dryer, or heat gun to speed up the process of evaporating solvents between layers in cold conditions, or you would need to use the infrared equipment. I mean when using just heat gun will the solvents still be trapped under? Thanks. Merry Christmas

BlinkkHD says:

Hey donnie! I just finished spraying a polyester primer, I know I need to spray a urethane over it but it wont arrive till next week. Is it okay to let the polyester sit that long? could i bake it before urethane to take out any moisture?

Dirk Diggler says:

I’m spraying a truck with ShopLine epoxy and 2k primers right now. I’m trying to double a triple check all my info. These videos have helped a lot. Thank you

Reno Simpson says:

What vitamins are you adding to your primer? I was thinking about adding some B12 for that energetic look, you know get a speeding ticket when parked look…

Dave Williams says:

Thanks for answering my question about mandatory primering first before topcoating one single panel. I have a decent hood, which just wanted sand up and spray, Not wasting time or money priming the entire hood, there is no filling involved and no bare metal. I just remember the days back in the '70's when I used to pull the car under a cool tree and sand and spray it then go out in the same car later that day!

paul1060 says:

nice video thx. 👍🏼 💧🔫

Kent Owens says:

Good video!

Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast says:

I am going to ask Acid Etch Primer over J/B Epoxy weld? or should I remove the J/B weld first? and Thanks

jso726 says:

Hey Donnie, your videos are great, but the audio sucks, please fix it.

Dablow 94 says:

Dude you look like "EL CHAPO" !!

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