Finishing Up Body Repairs On This Acura and Getting Everything Ready For Paint

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Trevor Dalley

This project has been on the back burner long enough. In this video I’ll be doing some more metal work, welding and paint on some of the structural components and also I’ll be fixing aluminum hood and getting everything assembled to make sure that all of the panels come together the right way and that all of the body panel gaps and good.


Мусабег Хидиров says:


Badhabbit Gaming says:

Looking good brother ✌😎

Fernando Reynoso says:

the clear they used at the factories its matte clear just to protect the paint from the heat of the engine.

mark powell says:

Congrats on getting married mate fantastic video and keep moving forward

JJ Smith says:

which spot weld drill bit do you like to use? and the best place to get them. I see you live somewhere in Washington state.

Ben Karpenko says:

Great videos man! The way you explain things is awesome and I always learn something from your videos. Great videos on the diy frame machine and the spot welder too 👍. Going to be building myself a frame puller as well.

Thomas Storm says:

As body shop owner and re-builder. you have some background in this. if not, not likely, you do great work and I recommend that people can follow your procedures. That foes not come often out of me here on tube. Your body and hammering is outstanding

LBS auto pinturas says:

Good job!!!! From Brazil.

Bruce Pierson says:

Nice work repairing that horn. I would have thought that you would have replaced it with a donor part, but it just goes to show your skill level that you got it back to almost OEM. Considering how bad it was to start with, it turned out well enough to be almost unnoticeable that it was even damaged. The hood was another win and a massive cost saving. I don't like working with aluminium much. Like you said, it easily breaks if you aren't careful. I've only ever welded aluminium with oxy and that was decades ago.
As far as getting married, if you marry the right person, it can be a very good decision. My wife and I have been married for almost 31 years now. I hope you have a long and happy marriage and it sounds like it will be after being together for 12 years already. Looking forward to your next video.

splash says:

Looking good. Congrats on getting married! Best of luck my friend!
I talked to you briefly on another vid you did about homemade spotter you built. I forgot to ask, do you every have issues with little holes showing up in the metal where you weld the washers on to pull the dents?

Geoffrey Rawlings says:

Hi what was tool you were using behind the weld what does that do. More great entertainment. Thanks

Ricardo Velez says:

Nice job bro

Steve Janka says:

Good morning, good looking work. Another fine fix for a driver. Word of advice, don't get married, run for your life, it's not worth it. Good luck.

maniezoKrekauto funilaria says:

Muito bom o trabalho e mais bacana produtos de acabamento no sply

Matthew High says:

Wait, wait, wait… You're telling me it's possible to install a Honda bumper without zip ties?… What?

Bagus Riza Ariyanto says:

good job !! , shout out from indonesia

Michael Higgins says:

Excellent job, looking good, from one body man to another. Especially the work on aluminium hood ( I hate them)😊

Alfred Arreguin says:

You're the man. Pulls out the copper weld spoon. Dam amazing work man. Keep it up, and sharing also thx.

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