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Trevor Dalley

Tony Bastable shows the viewers of Thames TVs ‘Drive in’ show basic brake and car maintenance.
First shown: 06/04/1976
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Craig Matthews says:

You can’t beat Tony Bastable for a well thought out and informative presentation, maybe because he was a teacher. He’s sadly missed

dunhillsupramk3 says:

so 1st step in checking your brake fluid is jacking up your car??? yup.. that sounds like something Marty or Moog from MCM would say…

AdrianJayeOnline says:

which will set you back 79 pence………………… I'll have 10 please !

AdrianJayeOnline says:

road salt during winter,,, when the fuq did they ever salt the roads ?

AdrianJayeOnline says:

that's a vintage car now, back then it was state of the art !

Paul Shrek says:

clever chap 🤤

Paul Shrek says:

a video on a rot box one shower it went rusty lèaked like a culender

Damn Cracker says:

Can't stop dvla checking old motors….its an addiction

M Clare says:

I am glad you eventually took your left hand out of your overalls!!😁😁

Phill Robinson says:

since when was 1976 vintage?

Anthony Walsh says:

Is there a question and answer section where we can ask him some questions.

Richard Phillips says:

That car is stolen, I want my money back or the car , my lawyer is on to this

cambs 01 says:

Could really see this guy doing a promotional film about canal boat holidays in Norfolk. Testing a chemical toilet by putting a pound of Dundee cake in the bowl to test the flush!

cambs 01 says:

Still using drums on the MK2.

Simon Webb says:

Thanks for that bollocking Tony….I enjoyed it!

MrTwisted1977 says:

75p for a spanner those were the days

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