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Trevor Dalley

Richard Hudson Evans takes a look at car engine maintenance and repair.

First shown: 11/05/1976

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Richard Clarke says:

"Don't forget to grease those trunnions people. And remember to add a quart of oil every 500 miles!"

motor head1 says:

New cars suck never need fixing now.

Line Snapper says:

I miss this. Home maintenance. I truly do. Now? You cannot do anything without a computer or having to pay through the nose for specialist tools. Damned things are now over engineered. Remember smell Hermitite red?! A must have in the tool box if you owned a British made motorbike!

kingshearer2 says:

I should save a fortune now.

Buckunit says:

Haynes book of lies, love the rocker shaft held in with a washer and split pin

M Clare says:

At first I thought someone had stolen the engine out of that blue Ford…..Just a big blue hole uder the bonnet!😆😆

Katie O Reilly says:

What was wrong with simplicity ??

Fred Jackson says:

Engines better then

Patrick W says:

Mmmm "Bernuda Blue" Mmmmm.

The Jibber Jabber says:

That car, is so clean………


back when cars were meant for transportation.
thankfully electric cars bring back simplicity

fifthof says:

There's an engine in there somewhere.

SuperZedd says:

Did anyone else smell a whiff of oil and grease whilst watching this video?

rowgli says:

It's weird watching informative and technically challenging television like this, in an era when people are willing to pay to have a bulb changed. It's amazing to think this was ever broadcast. What have we become 🙁

Mark Williams says:

Terrible engine design from the 30s that didn't change and they just kept pumping out this nosense low quality engine and u wonder why ford are dead lol they didn't develop it at all capitalism for ya its dead just like the A series engine no change for 60years apart from adding fuel injection what they sold to the public was a disgrace and complete ripoff

CRS1964 says:

The good old rule of 'nine' applies to that engine, as it did to many four cylinder eight valve heads. Back when things were relatively simple to repair.

Sodham G'morris says:

The blue Escort seems to be the same shade as a Panda car, could be wrong. I'm quite partial to RWD Escorts – one of Ford's better efforts.

smorris12 says:

One, two, three and so-on – a lot more convenient than bothering to say four!

(Yes, I know, I6s)

Eric Tyleorgan says:

Happy days. Memories of adjusting the tappetts on my old Triumphs around that time. So much room under the bonnet of that blue Escort!!

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