Repair Only Challenge on a Maserati Sebring : Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Gameplay

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Trevor Dalley

Repair Only Challenge on a Maserati Sebring : Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Gameplay
We tackle our first challenge and that’s a Repair Only Challenge! We can only repair the items. If we break one we have to replace it, but only give ourselves a $10,000 budget. Can we do it?

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Adam K says:

Maserati Sebring > Chrysler Sebring

Nep Nep says:

you back at I watched you play the clingy and whenever it said at the pawnshop this door is broken they meant the door that the design was on not the not that you're not the door right next to that door

UltraTech66 says:

It would be cool seeing more challenges.

Ethan Whisman says:

The one thing I know about Brian France is that he's a f**** prick and also he's a drug addict I should know because he Banned Me from Nascar so I can no longer racing any of their series

Desmond Auffrey says:

More CMS2018 vids please you barley make them anymore.

Demon 223 says:

I agree with you on anthem, the story was way to short!! The game play is awesome, the battles are fantastic, the graphics and rendering is beautiful!! I am waiting for cyber punk to come out and I have seen a lot of amazing game play and trailers!! I like the just repairing only it’s an awesome idea!! I can’t wait till you start on the other Maserati!! Great vid diesel!! Keep up the great work man!!

Avetho Plays says:

You're a bad luck charm, Diesel? Welcome to the club, then! Bad luck club, unite!
Seriously though, I am a bad luck charm too, if only one that affects myself alone :/
It okay tho, it makes life interesting! Huzzah!

Zone U Never Know says:

Loove ur vids, i play car mech while watchin u 😁

07baile glanville says:

Sounds more like roadkill then american pickers

Oh YEAH YEAH says:

Do more of this pls

Линк says:

i didn`t like this challenge

Angel Aguilar says:

Now this is how I usually see people restore cars. They keep rust but a nice engine with killer burnouts usually

wolf Hybrid says:

I think someone need to order parts from NAPA auto parts

I know isn't on game topic I can somewhat relate to just say a car I use at work isn't mmmm safe xD

American redneck YEE YEE says:

I'm one of your biggest fan ever

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