Ford Freestyle: Front Brakes w/ Seized Caliper Pin

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Trevor Dalley

In this video I remove and replace the front brake pads and rotors on a Ford Freestyle. I also found that one of the caliper pins was locked up tight. I bust out a few tips from memaw along the way. -Enjoy

*Dual Piston Brake Caliper Compressor:
*Astro Tools:
*3M 07547 Scotch-Brite Roloc Brake Hub Cleaning Disc Kit:
*Permatex 24125 Ceramic Extreme Brake Parts Lubricant, 8 oz.:
*Brake Caliper Hanger Hook:

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Dennis Lint says:

This is why I don't watch TV. I always learn useful car stuff from Eric and every once in a while the lovely Mrs O makes a cameo to brighten the screen and our day. Y'all are great.

Sonny Dey says:

Why in world didn't you crack the bleeder valve, before compressing the piston ? Who wants to force all of that nasty fluid back into the system ??? Only half ass mechanics do that….

tiz tiz says:

i only came to see the brake cleaner pop on the screen with the special sound effects.

Joby Fluorine says:

FUCK FORD! I swear those cocksuckers save a half cent every chance they get! Chevy too!!! Plastic pistons! gfys!

Greg D says:

I feel better. The last time I did my brakes I had one caliper pin that was a little sticky.  I pulled it out, smoothed it out with some steel wool, cleaned and lubed it and it seemed okay. The worrier in me thought I should have replaced it. Now I know I done good! Thanks for all your great videos!

Richard Bush says:

Outside of purchasing a Chilton manual for every vehicle, is there an online reference page with details and repair steps for multiple vehicles? Like, say, I want to know how many bolts and what size bolts hold on an exhaust system, or I want to know the torque specs for valve cover bolts. Is there anything like that available?

Please don't say YouTube… Thanks!

jjjboy says:

Should open the bleeder and then push the piston(s) in. It won't introduce air into the system if the bleeder is closed before the piston(s) bottom out. Mostly, if the vehicle has ABS it prevents ABS module damage but also it's to not push dirty old brake fluid back up to the master cylinder. Otherwise, great videos!

marco james says:

Can seized caliper pins cause a low or spongy brake pedal?

Dlf Idgaf says:

Do you folks ever read these comments. . I don't see where you comment back . how can I get some correspondence here

Randy Lee says:

South Main Auto Repair LLC I just completed a complete caliper replacement on my truck, came from the rust belt, won't be so severe here, we did not lube under the hardware as you do, is it worthwhile to take it back apart and lube under the hardware since it is all new, and not corroded yet to prevent corrosion? Thanks!

TheMcnuttist says:

Only automotive channel I can sit and watch 45 minute videos on. Relatable cause it reminds me of working with my dad, lotta sarcasm and craziness going on

Buff Barnaby says:

NAPA warehouse is 15 minutes from me.

Buff Barnaby says:

Poor cars have no chance back there.

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