Woman or Man, how to get a fair deal at car repair shops

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Trevor Dalley

Ever get frustrated when you take your car to a repair shop, you just want your car fixed for a fair price and they try to charge you too much because they think you know nothing about cars. This happens to many ladies I know, and some guys too that do not have car backgrounds. The car shop’s see them coming a mile away and tell their shop buddies, “we are going to make some big money today”. They take advantage of people all the time, in practically any state in this country because they believe you do not have the information to challenge their charge arm and leg game. In this video I am going to share with you my knowledge on what questions to ask, and give you many tools for your mind tool box to challenge those that try to charge you unfairly way too much money for just a few items of maintenance on your car. There are standards out there on how much time a shop should spend on a certain job, requirements that state a shop needs to post their hourly labor rate where it can be plainly seen by a customer, and many other things I will share with you. These tips I share with you in this video prepare you and arm you with the information you need to get fair prices on parts, labor costs, and labor hours spent on fixing your vehicle. Recommend pausing the video at some points to write notes on the tips I share with you. The tips and ideas in my video will save you thousands of dollars in no time at all in useless shop hours spent looking at your car for a problem that you could already have figured out yourself. Remember each hour of shop labor is anywhere from $80-$150 per hour. The more research and knowledge you find out yourself, the less money you will pay a shop per hour. I give tips on asking for price matches on parts used to fix your car. I give you ideas of the options you have as a customer that many do not realize. Enjoy this video and hope it helps you learn techniques to avoid being taken advantage of the next time you go to a repair shop to fix your vehicle. Mad Boosting !


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