How Much Paint Will I Need To Paint My Car?

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Trevor Dalley

A common question is, How Much Paint Will I Need To Paint My Car?
There is no real 1 size fits all answer because the type of paint you use, the size of the car and gun you use will all be contributing factors but that aside I have a general rule of thumb as I will list below.
Full Respray inside and out on mid-sized sedan: 4 litres of colour 2:1 (6 litres mixed) and a 7.5-litre clear kit. This will generally leave you with some to spare but it’s always handy as you may need it in future.

My general rule of thumb for 2:1 solvent-based basecoat is listed below, again if the panels are extra large or small it may vary, also some reds, yellows, greens & coarse metallic colours may require a ground coat or just a bit more to achieve coverage. The basecoat estimates are before thinner.

Door: In & Out (300ml), Out Only (200ml)
Fender: 150ml
Bonnet/Hood: In & Out (550ml), Out Only (300ml)
Boot/Trunk Lid: In & Out (500ml), Out Only (280ml)
Roof: 300ml
Bumper Bar: 300ml
Quarter Panel: 200ml

MS Clear Coat, these estimates are after hardener has been added.

Door: In & Out (300ml), Out Only (200ml)
Fender: 150ml
Bonnet/Hood: In & Out (650ml), Out Only (400ml)
Boot/Trunk Lid: In & Out (550ml), Out Only (300ml)
Roof: 350ml
Bumper Bar: 350ml
Quarter Panel: 210ml

HS Clear Coat, these estimates are after hardener has been added.

Door: In & Out (250ml), Out Only (130ml)
Fender: 110ml
Bonnet/Hood: In & Out (500ml), Out Only (300ml)
Boot/Trunk Lid: In & Out (450ml), Out Only (250ml)
Roof: 300ml
Bumper Bar: 250ml
Quarter Panel: 140ml

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Paul Davis says:

Hey Gunman, can you give me the process you take to get to car ready to paint in this video. I have a golf gti ill be painting this coming summer and would like some information. What sand paper to used on the old paint, if that was a primer sealer you laid down before your base etc…

Thanks in advance.

carlos casiano says:

What is that paint enamel or urethane?

Daniel Sampaio says:

I admire your work

IronmanTeachMaths says:

About how much paint do I need for a super long wheel base 2 seater toyota hiace.

Anthony Silva says:

Thanks from USA. Been asked to paint a fellows car in original red (He wanted a color change but I told him too costly) and this video helps me understand what is needed to to a whole paint job.

Kristie Vanthul says:

Gunny how about a honda gold wing trike,in candy and high silver intercoat. 2 quarts or 3.what kind of candy do you recommend…allkandy wet wet extreme,is what I'm looking at..I respect your professionalism.

Donny contino says:

Ah man, you forgot to fill in that dent in the middle of the hood with body filler 😉🤪

Al Mierz says:

WHY do you start at the bottom and work up.
When I've done this I've somehow eventually accidently touched the car or my hose has nicked the car.
I was told and taught to start at the top and work down. Thanks

whiteoak60 says:

Gunny is the best!!!!!!

Munky332 says:

What about spraying factory style "metallics" ? Remove gun filter? should I not use a paper paint filter/strainer? Wifes car has quite a bit of peeling clearcoat on hood(bonnet) and trunk(boot). Its a Mitsubishi, paint code P26 (Rally Red Metallic). Do I need to get complex when spraying like adding intercoats? Or just spray the base and clear over it?

Rick A says:

Great advice thaks mate.

Julio Manalo says:

Dear Gunman, I’ve been following you on YouTube. Based on what I’ve gathered, I’m looking at a pair of FLG-5 guns 1.8 primer for epoxy primer and 1.4 2 Part polyurethane topcoat and 2 Part polyurethane clear topcoat. I’m going to paint a 1979 Cessna 182Q 4 place all aluminum aircraft stripped to bare metal. This aircraft has top mounted wings which will need a ladder to reach to paint the top surface. Each wing panel surface (I.e. left top wing) is about 10 square meters area (100 square feet). My question is, do I get a gravity gun or should I go for a pressure feed gun and a 2 quart pressure cup system? Thanks!

Pd's Fitness Lifestyle says:

Old video but do you reccomend putting primer down on the whole car or only spot it where I've made repairs and get the rest down with some 320-600

Zhander says:

To paint a 2000 mitsubishi montero sport in metallic Royal Blue (Colour change from Grey) how much primer Base coat and Clear coat will I need?

teranceable terance says:

hey that gun your using for primer there is that the ani f150 if so what size tip is it I have that gun but in the 1.3 can you get bigger tips say 1.8 2.0 for hi build primers

Dean E says:

Not long come across your channel mate and enjoy the finish you get and passion you have. I don't miss the trade but miss the use of a booth haha!! What's the most interesting thing you have painted? Mines probably 500 pound bombs for the airforce 😁

Adam Currington says:

Hi Gunman, I was wondering how much paint to do a BMW E46 saloon, Metallic, full from bare metal. You don't have to worry about volume conversion, I'll do that after as I'm based in the UK. Thanks

tj o• says:

Would 3 litres of red for a classic mini be reasonable? And probably same amount of clear. Been using celly so far

HaterHurter sirG345 says:

basically on a honda 97 integra coupe inside and out (full strip to refresh) ppg + wet wet plus clear (B-74P)Adriatic blue pearl. what do you would suggest on the amount i need? (in quater and gal please) awesome vida brother!!!!!

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