We All Have Bad Days…

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Trevor Dalley

That’s right! WE ALL HAVE BAD DAYS!! Even Eric O! Probably more often then you know! Wrong parts, crappy parts, upset customers, jobs that go south and just time consuming making mistakes. Whatever the cause is it just makes the day plain old suck!! So come along with Eric O as he uses the camera as his therapy to “vent” to you haha!

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Buck Henry says:

I know this is an old video, but on the off chance that this might help you if you're still dealing with garbage parts, I work in a shop in Buffalo, and we use Auto Plus for the majority of our parts, and Nu Way Auto parts for some hard to find stuff, I think they have a good stock of VW parts too IIRC. Auto Plus runs shuttles a lot, and I know they have a fair amount of locations, but I'm not sure if any out by you guys, but maybe they'd be willing to run a shuttle out to you. They're definitely not perfect, but they are miles better than Awful Zone, and the guys in the call center actually know what the heck you're talking about

Radio Rescue says:

I worked at Advance for over 15 years. Labor claims are an all day everyday thing. When they bought out Carquest they ruined that brands reputation. Fact is there parts are advance junk with there name on it. With Advance it's all about the bottom line. Buying cheap junk shoving it out the door hoping it doesn't break increases the bottom line. Most customers don't keep there warranty info. So if there Warranty info disappears out of the computer. What good is there "lifetime warranty"??

Steady Eddie says:

Eric, I feel your pain. I turned wrenches in the 80's when vehicles were the big 3 were scrambling to meet the new EPA emissions requirements. So I dealt with Chrysler ECM's in the engine compartment, the big 3 trying to convert carburetors into fuel injection, air pumps delivering air directly into the exhaust manifolds, and then pre OBD cars that had computers and sensors but no way real way to diagnose anything because only the big 3 had scan tools. Chrysler bought their 4 cylinder blocks from VW, GM cut 2 cylinders off their V8's to make fuel efficient V-6's, Olds even tried to convert a gas engine to a diesel, and Ford experimented with a variable venturi carb while GM butchered a quadrajet by adding a MC solenoid. Then they plugged the carb mixture screws so we couldn't richen up the mixture to make the engine run half way decent. The engines ran so lean and hot to improve emissions we were replacing head gaskets and warped heads 4-5 a week. To add to the madness tool makers were behind in manufacturing the specialty tools needed to work on this junk. I will say though we didn't have the Chiwan replacement junk parts like we do now. Even the AC Delco boxes sitting here say Made in China. In the 80's it was made in the USA or Mexico. And now they play the word game of listing a part as OE Replacement, not OEM. I imagine many people dont realize the huge difference. So thats why I gave it up and became a Machinist. More creativity, more challenging, and just plain fun making something from a block of metal.

junkmail says:

I've always had good luck with Denso remans

Lars Turner says:

Damn, Advance sure makes some lousy remanufactured parts. You should be mad! In other news, you would be great with a car talk radio show.

The Bowzer says:

Dorman products are not junk. You need to install the starter upside down and backwards. Then when starting car, you need to turn key in opposite direction. It works!
I buy my parts, all parts, no matter what…. at NAPA. Better than dealing with discount cheap crap and doing the labor over and over again. Just saying….

Paul Tremblay says:

Soon as they switched to car quest. Shit parts

M. Torn says:

You don't need a therapist, just talk to us

James K says:

Get a OEM or Kia dealer starter that’s made in Korea. Best quality!!

John Doe says:

As someone trying to make a living out of wrenching, that must be frustrating as hell.
In an ideal world, customers and their mechanics would be able to take these stupid fuckwits to small claims court for time wasted (at 150% of hourly rates for irritation caused) until they lift their game. But we don't live in an ideal world unfortunately.

pzkpfwiv freak says:

one time, we had to put 5 reman power steering pumps on a dodge p/u, the warranty rep for, ummm, i won't say their name , AC DELCO!!!! said to me, ooh, you may need to put 4 or 5 on before you get a good one… this is from the rep!!! we don't sell ac delco shtuff anymore.

Brooklyn in The Rare old Times says:

Got an 2005 Ford Explorer. I use only OEM parts in it. 135,000 miles on it. 9837 hours on it as it was used for commercial purposes when new.

TS says:

I buy new OEM brands from RockAuto. But then again I'm not in business doing this.

Mike EZ says:

I avoid Advance Auto Parts no matter what and won't use anyone but NAPA unless they don't have what I need fast enough.

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