Snowblower Engine Surging

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Trevor Dalley

In this video I have a look at a snowblower that came in with a customer complaint of a surging engine. Pretty common issue on small engines and usually a pretty cheap and easy fix. -Enjoy!

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MrTrip3ace says:

We love your videos wether its the same issues or not. Keep them coming.

Nelson Monforton says:

Nice work love your under breath banter always entertaining and makes me juckle 🇨🇦✌😃

James Terrill says:

You the man…good job..

Jay K says:

Anyone that likes watching this channel and likes this video would also very much enjoy sixtyfiveford.

Qusin111 says:

I install shut off valves on all my seasonal equipment and run them out of gas every time I use them.

russlehman says:

Made in 2015, and the carb is metal, not plastic? I'm impressed.

Bert Grau says:

That Honda was acting like a 2 stroke Detroit, they lope at idle as well. I'm sure that Honda doesn't leak nearly as much oil, or waste as much fuel either

Smitty Smithsonite says:

A four stroke in that little single stage? BLASPHEME! What is the world coming to?

Nice work, brother! She's a runner! Now you see why I gave up on cars for 10 years or more – love working on that kind of stuff. It's like a constant vacation! 😁

Only tip I have for you – when blowing out the fuel nipple, ALWAYS do it from the needle side. A good habit to get into. You got lucky (or you looked prior and didn't tell us) there wasn't a tiny rubber donut in there – if you blow them out in the direction of fuel flow, that little donut will enter another dimension, and ruin your day. You'll hear the "POP"! Then your next phrase will be expletives. 😁 Now you'll have to buy a whole kit just for that tiny little piece, and wait a week for it to get here from the mainland. That one there had a solid brass tapered seat, so you were good – can blow that one in either direction – won't matter. But, quite a few small engine carbs, especially smaller hand-held equipment will have that little rubber inside the seat. Don't lose your rubber! 😉

I just read some of the comments. Dude I am so sorry – I didn't know about your dad. Hope you guys are holding up ok. Now I feel like a dick for emailing "Happy Thanksgiving". So sorry to hear that, man. My cell phone is dead, but I think you have my house number if you ever feel like venting. I've been there with my mom, almost 2 years ago now (March of '18). F-cancer is all I can say. So many good people have left too soon because of it. Any time you're feeling crappy, give me a call. I know nothing I can say takes the sting away, but time is a healer as they say. It'll get better. He'll always be there in spirit watching over you, Vanessa, your brothers & sister, your mom, and your kids. God bless you guys.

Amor Lingent Debent says:

I have encountered the surging thing as well. But I have worked on a few where it was an vacuum leak do to dried out gaskets because they had no fuel and sat for long periods of time. So I would not recommend draining the fuel. I use Stabil fuel additive for long term storage. I have used it for years without fail. My small equipment starts every time after sitting for months. Great video it only take a grain of something sand, dirt, rust to cause problems with these carbs.

John Carroll says:

Would love to see a heater core on a 96 s10 since mines not working .. but I doubt anyone up there will have that lol

richard cranium says:

a lot of the older throwers like that that had the 2 strokes on them were rough idle until they got a load. first one i worked on had the carb apart twice. couldnt find anything wrong. called tech support they informed me they were designed that way. smh

newtekie1 says:

Eric, I know it seems like your videos are the same thing to you, but that is because you have been doing this type of work your whole life and have seen so much and learned so many tricks. But you can post a brake job a week and we'd still watch it. The reason is because even with brake jobs, no brake job is the same. Every make and model of car has their "quirks and features". Take brakes as an example. They all might seem like just boring brake jobs to you. But you could be doing a brake job on a car and it might have that one odd quirk with getting the parking brake cable off on that particular model. To you, the brake job is routine, but to the DYI guy that's fighting with getting that parking brake cable off, you're going to show him the trick. You probably don't even notice that you put the trick in there because you've done it a thousand times before and it is just habit, but you just saved a guy hours of time trying to figure it out. That is just an example.

You have a huge wealth of knowledge. However, more importantly, you have the great skill of being able to teach that knowledge in a way that the not so mechanically inclined can understand. You do a wonderful job of explaining your diagnoses processes and your repair processes.

So when we say that we want you to post anything that comes in the shop, it isn't just because your videos are entertaining. Though that is part of it. It is also because your knowledge is an invaluable resource and documenting it as much as you can through youtube shares that resource with the entire world.

Mustie1 says:

talk about making me feel at home,

zach canaday says:

SMA: Mustie1 edition. I love it.

Matt Zimmermann says:

Anything that comes in is entertaining. Brake job after brake job

Bill Roberts says:

Condolences to you and your family on the passing of your father,
Thank you for sharing the video.

Pete Laframboise says:

I just rebuilt my ollld 2 stroke Toro carb. She sounds like a chainsaw again

Tom Glasson says:

Great video – quit worrying about new stuff – watching your stuff is like hanging out with your mates and chatting – just keep em comin!

Old HVAC Guy says:

Sorry to hear your Dad passed away. My sincere condolences to you and your family.

Kelly Hayward says:

Sorry about your dad. I'm sure he was a great man and very proud of you. Take care Eric, Vanessa and family.

onenikkione says:

did the same to one that sat for three years, it fired right up.

oxcartracing says:

Question So how much do you charge a guy or is it just a good deed

jhitt79 says:

And there’s your dinner!

Alec Rollins says:

The Engine Surgeon breathes new life into a simple engine, as a brake from nailing down complex EFI issues. Bravo, and so educational!

throttle bottle says:

hint, the fuel tanks often have a small water/sediment trap bowl area right before the hose. not big enough other than to cause issues ( ethanol is the real issue, followed by detergents and other additives) total POO for non frequent drivers 😉

andrew clark says:

If you're the only game in town then what about all the cars that other shops send you?

throttle bottle says:

on that one, just pulling the plug to the side and letting it flow out for 5 or so seconds would have likely done the trick. looked pretty darn clean considering, shake the machine/fuel tank while at it to get more water out and pour some "drygas" in tank 😉

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