842. Repairing a Puncture in a Motorcycle Tyre

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Trevor Dalley

This one’s just what is says in the title. I’m repairing a puncture in a motorcycle tyre. In this case it’s a 190/50ZR17 rear tyre from a Kawasaki Z1000 but this process will work on tyres that are larger or, indeed, smaller. It’s amazing that nowadays we have the technology to work on various sizes of tyres on all sorts of vehicles, then type in complete drivel beneath a video about such topics and have people on the other side of the world, country, city or room read it. Most won’t though.


Title: “I Will Not Let You Let Me Down (Instrumental Version)”
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Skeggy Cruiser says:

Nice job Richard, I've thankfully never had to use that type on any of my bikes but I have on the car many years ago, it's amazing how few people would do a proper job like you just have and just glue and pull the mushroom through and cut it off, good to see it's helds up so far buddy, RS.

Hepcat Harley says:

Couldn't you put an after coat of "No More Nails" as a future deterrent?

Professor says:

Amused to see your repair kit. Liquid buffer, innerliner sealer and "All Purpose Filler"

BobbyBlueAce says:

Very informative! I had no idea what was involved. Thanks.

Mark Horton says:

Excellent Vid Mr. C. So nice to know you've done a proper job…. does give peace of mind when you're shifting up thru them gears and enjoying a blast. Can't help but feel some of those steps would be missed out in the name of time and profit if entrusted to a repair elsewhere…. 10/10 sir.

sharkface 70 says:

Good video. Out of interest , how much has all the equipment cost?

clanmac66 says:

For me, new tyre everytime. Unless like Mr C you do it yourself and have the knowledge and correct equipment. Unlike like my car, which must have a repair on every wheel lol!

Stephen Deakin says:

Excellent, thanks for making it all so clear. By the way, where did you source the tackle to do the repair, I ask because I have a front tire in the shed waiting for just such a repair.

linny919 says:

so with all the rules on repairs , does that mean insurers offer replacement cover like with windscreens ? I think i would mount that changer to the wall if you can rotate the wheel on the stops.

Davey Blue Eyes says:

Here in Canada well at least in Alberta shops aren't allowed to repair tyres. However, you can repair yourself but its advised to replace as soon as possible.

Tosh twentythree says:

Thats a lot of work for a patch

les sheldon says:

Cracking Video Richard, true professional sir..

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