Car shopping: Mini Cooper!

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Trevor Dalley

Second episode of my car shopping series!
If you have a suggestion for an other car, let me know. πŸ˜‰







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By Karqa says:

do the technology tests!
no excuse =)

ilpada says:

Hallo ik ben een leerling van u school

Erwins90 says:

Past perfect bij je

Kaan Tekin says:

She was my teacher.

Mochileros says:

Nice cinematic colors, well done!
The sofa car is amazing!

zus Alex says:

i love it !!!!!

Ben Stern says:

You might also want to check out the newly released Honda Civic Hatchback. It's made in England and some versions are available with a manual transmission. Good luck in your hunt for a new car. Checking out different cars is part of the fun of getting one.

Marco Izaguirre says:

This is going to be a super dumb question but is "the car smell" the same in Belgium as it is in the U.S. ?

Lotte Leek says:

Hele leuke video!

D says:

Jij bent kapot schattig.

Joshua Braun says:

yr just super sexy ^^ perfect dream girl

haxxor says:

Love the editing style

Lopke Hemelaer says:

Nice! πŸ‘πŸΌEn check die kat 😹

klausius says:

super vet !! echt Nice

Gilles says:

Nice video!

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