Car Paint Scratch Repair: Professional wet sanding and polishing

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Trevor Dalley

Car paint scratch repair is a common problem many of you will face. Come along with Darren has he takes you on location of this real world moment of removing car paint scratches, wet sanding, and polishing.
He takes you step by step through the process removing scratches from car paint:
Wet sanding
If you are a beginner, you should find very useful info in this detailing tutorial designed specifically for car detailing for beginners.








Reaper says:

Love the little side bars on internet trolls. Don't worry about idiots on the internet man. Don't care who you are or how famous you become. There will ALWAYS be trolls and haters. Love the channel, sir. You are good at what you do.

lightningsmokerXx says:

Darren if you ever stop doing videos on the Auto Fetish Channel
it will be a sad sad day.
I was just telling a family member tonight how i used 2 tips that " DARRENT THE DETAILER" had done.
I used APC and a Mr.Clean magic eraser on my kick panel plastics door , carpet spot. And blammo PERFECT.
i have literally learned so much from you over the years.
You infact saved me money tonight….because i was going to get one of those carpet in a aerosol can cleaners with the scrub pad on them. ….then i remembered how Darren said he could clean almost anything in the interior with APC , Super Degreaser Dilluted & Magic Eraser & Microfiber.
I thank you very much.
-If anyone says you talk to much , well ignore them, you give so much in depth detail….it's just amazing to have
direct access to a professional such as yourself. Take Care.


hi Darren, what wool pads are those?

Gábor Bérczi says:

I love how Darren, after he committed some minor mistake, but realized it afterwards, goes on to explain – to great length – that he did them on purpose. Now, obviously there are cases when he is indeed just taking some shortcuts on purpose, but you can clearly tell from his body language – and because he's using such a lengthy explanation, practically apologizing for them – that even in this video he committed most of them by accident, not because he planned to do so.

Gábor Bérczi says:

So, this customer let you wetsand away most if not all of the clearcoat, because this car was a lease, and because she didn't want to pay for the damages she inflicted to the car, and now it will have to be the next owner, who'll have to cope with and actually pay for the eventual – and now non-correctable – discoloring of the paint where you sanded away all the clearcoat. Really great people out there!

Colt Cele says:

I love your videos. Niceties aside, as a detailer and pretty good judge of character, I would NEVER make a ridiculous statement regarding a tilted assessment of product, accusing a man of good character of doing anything of the sort. I've had Scholl's on a to-buy list eventually, and look at your assessments as impartial, expert opinions. I thank you for this and all videos, as well as impartial opinions.

couldntgivafuk says:

I'm curious if you burnt through the clear on the bottom ledge at 48:30 as your pad is looking like the blue base coat color….. ? oh nvm, my mistake it's from the tape.

lightningsmokerXx says:

I feel like Darren has a bit of a new look / hair cut. Rockin it well Darren (#NoHomoBro) 😉

joe cat says:

tesla uses single stage? All that blue in the wool pad…

Hailcesar says:

how would you recommend i remove baked on bird poop ? i have a stubborn stain on clear coat.

Diamond Fox Auto Detail says:

i hate this video Darren. 🙂 jk

ironbear66 says:

Darren , i know that you do your vids on location and can't do all the request , you always talk about not going for showcar perfect , what's the different between level 9 daily user perfection and level 10 showcar perfection , is it really a difference , besides chasing orangepeels and thinner clearcoat , what's the difference resultwise , both can be shiny

Rielero805 says:

Darren you have great, informational videos. Stop caring about what the keyboard warriors think. Those are the Same losers that never, eve post a video themselves. Why you ask? Because they are full of shit.

Umbrella Man says:

Minor criticism – the occasional music interlude is out of sync with your voice level. I have to turn up volume to hear your voice clearly, the added music is then a bit too loud.

I like your long explanations Darren (no sarcasm). Keep it up

oldatarigamer says:

Where else can you get life, business and detailing tips in one place? I'll tell you — nowhere else but here! AFD – "Shine Reigns Supreme"…even with the gardner's interruptions!

getnbigger29 says:

Another great video Darren. My only tip for the video is to get a wearable mic. Your tips and advice are always great but the volume jumps around very frequently. A Bluetooth mic maybe for convenience and comfort.

Plus it'll help for the times when Gardner/trash truck/roofer etc always show up!

Detail Doctor Of Tampa Bay says:

Haha keyboard pricks lol

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